Links To Other Dog/Pet-Related Sites

On this page you will find links to a wide variety of pet-related
sites that I've enjoyed, and I think you will too! Happy surfing! Dogs Homepage: Formally the Mining Company, this site is a fantastic resource for dog lovers. This is a great web site for pet owners of all types! You'll find a wealth of information here: over 5000 pages! There is also a message board, and the Pets Market. Online travel guide for dogs of all sizes, and their owners! Lots of useful information for people who want to travel with their dog!

Dog-O-Mania: Claims to be the largest dog related search engine and resource on the Net. They very well could be, too! This is a very interesting and growing site. Check it out! 

DogStuff: Clicker training, flyball, agility, and more.

For Dog Lovers Everywhere: Pet dog stories, poems, humor, health information, my own pet dogs, rescue, tips, FAQ, poll, book store and lots of dog-related links. Excellent site! 

I Love A portal web site for dogs and the people they own! Search engine for dog-related web sites, free dogs stuff, tools for webmasters of dog-related web sites, breed profiles, and more. 

K9 Central: Providing a presence on the Internet for your dog related webpages.

Minneapolis Chapter Responsible Pet Owners Of Mannerly Pets: Is an organized group of concerned citizens committed to developing and maintaining safe, accessible, off-leash dog exercise areas in the city of Minneapolis, Minnesota. 

NetPet Magazine: An online animal information site.

NOAH: The Animal Search Engine: Search Engine for Animals.

Not In My Backyard: Colorful and humorous dog site with a daily doggie comic strip, clip art, and much more. 

Pet Galaxy: The Ultimate Website for Animal Lovers!

Pet Links: The largest online database of pet sites.

Pet Luv Shack: This site is dedicated to stopping puppy mills and the abuse of animals in general. Pet lovers portal with lots of great information and links about dogs, plus many other kinds of pets. 

Schnauzer Ware: The BEST Schnauzer site I've found on the web so far.

The Dog Hause:: A playground for pets and pet lovers.

The Dog Informant: A cool doggie web site.

The Doggie Door Canine To Behavior: Interested in dog behavior? Doggie Door to Canine Behavior will become your dog's best friend as you surf around and discover ways to help your dog become a well-adjusted, happy canine companion. Offers message boards and a chatroom. 

The Electronic Zoo: Web site with links to hundreds of other pet-related sites about all kinds of animals! 

The Pet Channel: Online Resource for Pet Owners.

The Poop: The Site Where A Dog Can Have Its Day: Cute web site with lots of great information for dog owners. 

Vet Net: The Veterinary Internet Hub Quality Education and Search Services for the International Veterinary Community.

Woofs Magazine: Online e-zine for dog lovers! Full of great information and links!

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