The Story Of The Dog

When the earth was newly wrought, God made a wondrous creature.
He gave its form most careful thought and studied every feature.

He made it with a graceful tail with several rates of motion.
So every wag could, without fail, register emotion.

He made it with a varied bark that produces several tones.
To frighten goblins in the dark or murmur over bones.

He made a moistened nose that probes in every niche,
For soothing children, Heaven knows, it has a tongue that licks.

He made it with such soulful eyes of deepest golden brown,
That no man, neither fool nor wise, could turn its wishes down.

He made it with a coat of hair that covers every bit
but made it soft beyond compare for when children play with it.

He made it loyal, strong and smart, to serve as best it can,
So it could always do a part as the ears and eyes of Man.

He made it minus gear or cog, of His most precious blend,
And so with love, God made the dog to be a man's best friend.

-Author Unknown

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