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Welcome to the homepage for The Dog Lovers Webring! This webring is open to all web sites and personal homepages that have content relating to dogs and dog ownership. Sites seeking to join the webring must meet the following criteria:

1. Sites must be family-friendly and safe for children.
2. Sites must not contain:
racist/hateful material,
anything illegal, and cruelty to people or animals.

1. Download the webring graphic to your computer, then upload it to your webpage server in the same directory as is the webpage you'll be putting the webring HTML code on.

2. Fill out the form below:

Submit a site to The Dog Lovers Webring Net Ring
Site Title:
Site URL:
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EMail Address:
Year of Birth:
(ie: 1999)
By law, we cannot collect personal information on anyone under the age of 13. Because of this we do not allow anyone 13 or under to Join a RingSurf Net Ring, or become a Ringmaster, and thus we are forced to ask you to specify your birthdate. If you are under the age of 14, you may not become a member of RingSurf. You may use the Ring Directory and use any existing ring, you just may not start a new ring, or add your website to an existing ring. See our privacy statement if you have any questions on how we handle your personal data.

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3. On the next webpage you see, you will be given the webring HTML code that you need to copy and paste into your webpage.  AOL users, this is the method you need to use to get the webring HTML code.  You will also receive the webring HTML code via email.  Once you put the webring HTML code and graphic up on your site, please contact me via email.  I will review your site and if it meets the webring criteria and you have the webring graphic and HTML code displayed properly on your site, I will add it to the ring.  You will receive an email when this has been done.

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