A Dog Joke

A thief walks into a house at night and shines his flashlight around. He immediately spots a stereo. As soon as he reaches it he hears a voice behind him say, "Jesus is watching you." He quickly shut his flashlight off thinking at first that someone had caught him, then after nothing happened, decided that he was hearing things and promised himself a vacation as soon as he made his next big robbery. He turned the flashlight back on and started to unhook the stereo. He heard it again. It said, "Jesus is watching you." He turned around to see a parrot in a cage.
"Did you say that?" he asked.
"Yeah" the parrot replied. "I was just trying to warn you."
"Shut up bird!" the thief told him.
"My name is Moses. Not 'Bird'," said the parrot.
"What kind of people would name a parrot 'Moses'?" the thief wanted to know.
"The same kind of people that would name a Rotweiler 'Jesus'."

-Author Unknown

-Submitted by David Smock

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